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Smudge Stick Bundle

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Handmade - Sage Smudge Stick

Organic White Sage and Roses.

  •  Energy Cleansing
  • Mind Clearing
  • Removes Bad Vibes
  • Removes Bad Bacteria From The Air
  • Relieves headache and sore throat pain
  •  Reduce oxidative stress in the body
  •  Protecting against free radical damage
  •  Reducing inflammation
  •  Protecting against bacterial and viral infections
  •  Supporting digestion
  •  Protecting against memory loss
  •  Reducing depression or improving mood



Love, Peace, Twine, Dry Roses, White Organic Sage.


 bundles  made with love & positivities energy. 

About 3 inches long. Perfect to add to your space, run yourself a bath, light a candle, light your sage, think of positive affirmations, and allow negative vibes and energy to leave your mind and space and be replaced with peace and love.